Unawnserd Questions

The roses are dying, screaming for light

The violets are crying, done fighting the cold night.

I look at you, and promise im just fine,

when under my shirt im bleeding in straight lines.

The razor blade in my pocket is gleaming with pride,

While im concealing the fact, that I’m dying inside.

Everyday I am consumed, eaten alive

by the securities I suppress, deep inside.

Scars, forever decorating my skin,

on the outside and yet deep within.

Days go past – years go by

My emotions still hidden, help, I want to die.

Maybe the best place for me is locked in chains,

for my mind is far past insane.

Should I follow my brain or my heart?

Should I stay, or should I depart?

it’s so very hard to decide,

should I stop, or continue my suicide.

I tell myself not to be afraid,

after all its only a little, shiny blade


10 thoughts on “Unawnserd Questions

  1. Scars can heal and over time fade…your can forgive though we are designed not to forget. We have been made to learn though and become stronger and to even love and teach others to learn despite those same adversities. We should stay if only to see if our work and love has an affect on others because sometimes that affect can take time, years, decades grow into amazing things when nourished!

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      1. I used to think like that, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that it’s not true. It’s a lie we have been telling us for so long that we can’t believe it wasn’t ever true. Even though we can’t feel it, the truth is that we’re meant to be here. Some of us are so much more fragile than others, but that doesn’t mean we’re worthless…complete opposite! We have – YOU have – insights, gifts and a voice that nobody else in the entire world has. We are wounded healers…the most powerful healers there are. It’s hard for us to find our place, our niche and place to offer our gifts, but some of us will never find that niche…our purpose, our healing gets done in quiet, invisible ways that we can’t always see, but which change lives beyond our ability to see or know. Life sucks sometimes, but there are still beautiful patches worth waking up to. You write beautifully…you ripple more light than you know.

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  2. This poem speaks to me of a tormented soul who knows left from right, but still can’t decide- the scars, are a reminder of the pain within.
    One of the easiest ways I’ve found of healing without talking is writing. And eventually, the pen will defeat the blade ❤

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  3. What an amazing poet you are 🙂 Writing wise, this is very well structured and the use of rhyme makes the words all the more effective. You’re obviously very unhappy, but I think that you should definitely keep your blog up-not only do you have a talent, but it’s somewhat of an outlet I think. I know ive said it before, but you know where I am if you need me :). What is the cause of your unhappiness, may I ask?x

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      1. You’re very welcome 🙂 I know, it is complicated stuff. I could be wrong, but if there’s nothing particularly traumatic going on in your life (as in a specific event), maybe it’s down to depression or another mental illness? Do you know if you suffer from anything like that?xx


  4. This is heartbreaking. The opposite of suicide/self harm is not being locked up, it’s self love. The only way you are ever going to see this world with a positive perspective is if you learn to love yourself. I’m sorry if you have heard this before, but it’s true, I know it’s not an easy thing to accomplish especially if you haven’t loved yourself or taught to love yourself since childhood. But I’m backing you. Keep that head up 😉


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