why this blog?

I could lie and give some profound bullshit reason of why I wanted to start this blog, but I wont.

Something you should know about me first of is that I am a blunt type of person, for the good bad and the plain ugly; I have a reputation for always telling the truth.

Now the truth is a funny subject (and I don’t mean the haha kind of funny) … everyone holds the truth on such a high pedestal as though it is the most important phenomenon out there when in reality, if we are being honest with ourselves, there are always situations when we’d rather not know the truth. Thank god for white lies right?

Well the thing is at theĀ tenderĀ age of 18 I feel as though our age group tells a lot of lies, not necessarily about how many people we have had slept with or if we actually really like that band our best friend wont shut up about. Worse than that, we lie to ourselves. I read a quote the other day which brought this thought into my somewhat busy head “who were you before the world told you who you should be?”. I feel like at 18 we are suddenly expected to have a miraculous transformation into sudden adulthood, where we should know all the right answers, go to university and be upstanding pillars of our communities.

I also believe we both change and adapt our behavior in correlation to the people that surround us, and very often everyone is so unsure of everything. They don’t necessarily lie or oppress the truth but all together lose their true identity’s. Who we become is not dictated but certainly partially cemented, by the people we allow into our lives, I know I can safely say my interactions with a couple of individuals has been fundamental in changing my outlook on life, my attitude towards different situations and most importantly my personalty and character.

Are lies sometimes necessary though? this is another question I find myself frequently contemplating, I am sure all of your mothers once told you that telling a ‘white lie’ was okay, and how far can the lines be blurred between a direct and forced lie, or a simple embellishment or contortion of the truth?